Message from OVW Acting Director Rogers Regarding COVID-19

Dear OVW Award Recipient:

Effective Monday, March 16, and until further notice, pursuant to OMB Memorandum M-20-15, dated March 15, 2020, the Department of Justice is moving to a posture of maximum telework in the National Capital Region (Washington, DC area).  Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) staff will work remotely and will be available to assist grantees, stakeholders, and the public during this national emergency.  Likewise, all grant-related systems and services will be available.

Grant payments:

The Grants Payment Request System (GPRS) will remain in service to accept and process grant payment requests.

On-site programmatic and financial monitoring:

Until otherwise notified, all planned on-site monitoring will be conducted as remote monitoring or postponed for a later date.  Your OVW program specialist and/or financial staff of the Office of Justice Program’s (OJP’s) Office of the Chief Financial Officer will be in contact with you to make alternate site visit arrangements.

Conferences, events, and other gatherings:

For OVW-sponsored conferences, meetings, trainings, and other gatherings that are scheduled in the near term (the next eight weeks), cooperative agreement recipients should work with their OVW program specialists to set up meetings as virtual events or postpone or cancel meetings. For events planned farther out, please work on a case-by-case basis with your program specialists.

Grantees should contact their OVW program specialists to address issues resulting from postponed or canceled meetings, such as using grant funds to cover hotel or travel related cancellation fees and penalties.

Grantees should try to have the airline reimburse the cancelled ticket(s) in cash.  However, if the airline will only refund the cancellation as a credit, then the grantee should try to apply the credit to a future trip for the same OVW grant or project.  If that is not possible, the grantee should use the ticket for another program or project and reimburse the OVW-funded grant or project with the equivalent dollar amount.  If the grantee is not able to use the ticket for the same project or use it for a different program and reimburse the OVW grant, then the program should process this as a cancellation.  Grantees should give similar guidance to subrecipients/subgrantees.

Grant extensions:

In accordance with Part 200 Uniform Requirements (2 C.F.R. Part 200, as adopted by DOJ) and consistent with the DOJ Grants Financial Guide, most OVW awards may be eligible for no-cost extensions.  See the DOJ Grants Financial Guide for additional information and consult with your OVW program specialist as needed.  It is OVW’s intention that no OVW grantee is penalized as a result of this national emergency.  We will work with grantees to ensure that there is sufficient time to complete grant goals and objectives once this national emergency has passed without affecting eligibility for continuation funding.

Financial & programmatic progress reports:

At this time, we do not have any updates regarding financial and programmatic progress reporting.  We are working to determine how to address those dates and will provide any new information, as it becomes available.


Applicants to OVW’s Research & Evaluation Initiative, Children & Youth Grant Program, and Engaging Men Grant Program solicitations will have a two-week extension to submit applications.  New application due dates are as follows:  Research & Evaluation – April 8, 2020; Children & Youth – April 14, 2020; and Engaging Men – April 14, 2020.  We will monitor the situation and determine if additional adjustments to closing dates will be needed as those dates draw near. and the Grants Management System (GMS) remain open to continue to accept applications.  We are also considering longer application periods for our formula grant programs.

We will continue to provide updated information on potentially impacted grants activities, including financial and other required reporting, as stated above.  Thank you for your patience during this time.  OVW and the Department of Justice appreciate your ongoing commitment to your missions and the safety of all Americans.  We will continue to provide updates as we have them.


Laura R. Rogers, Acting Director

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